homegrown alternative rock




Crossroad Saints are an American homegrown rock band from Indiana. The members are a collection of journeyman musicians with the heart of the band resting on the soulful keys of Daryl Venable, while the rhythm section grounds the band with the deep, magnetic bass playing of Johnny Allen Slack and the sounds of groovy and rhythmic drums by Mike Slack. With little regard for chasing trends or pleading for acceptance, they drop state of the world lyrics that will make you want to blast the volume and get in your feels. Crossroad Saints is working on a new album with lyrically cutting and thought provoking music that they plan to release in Summer 2021.

Daryl grew up with a degreed musician, music teacher, piano teacher, church choir director, church pianist mother and a swing band clarinetist father. Spending the night with his maternal grandmother granted no relief from forced march piano lessons and the rest, she herself being a degreed musician, piano teacher and church organist who toured America in the 1920s as piano accompanist for vocal ensembles. The familial upbringing went like this; piano lessons beginning at the age of 5, church choir participation and jr high school band upon reaching the 7th grade. Upon reaching 10th grade, one might argue one’s way out of piano lessons provided participation in church choir and high school band was continued. By the time Daryl was released from high school for marginally passible behavior on occasion, he had also learned clarinet, alto sax and bassoon. Despite his resistance, it seems some of it “stuck”. He credits knocking around Nashville for a few years for sharpening his songwriting voice and craft. Ever the student, he presses onward, unsatisfied, growing, reaching.

Johnny Allen Slack is the bassist half of The Slack Brothers rhythm section; two guys whose first beat heard was the same momma’s heartbeat. He and brother Mike have been perfecting their groove construction sensibilities for decades in various bands, configurations and genres. No stranger to either stage, live radio or studio, John’s bass guitar contributions are key to the Crossroad Saints sound. Coming from an initial hard edged rock background, with decades of experience in locking it all in and down with brother Mike on drums, the duo provides the band with the foundation that underpins, supports, lifts and accentuates all else. It’s all about the song, and the song? Well, that’s all about the groove. Johnny Allen Slack is a groove guru bassist. But hey, don’t take my word for it, take a listen instead.

Michael Slack is the drumming half of the Slack Brothers, assisting with the groove and foundation for the Saints. As a young kid, Mike started his musical journey banging away on an old plastic snare drum that he found in the basement. (Driving everyone crazy no doubt)! Fast forward a couple of years and with the gift of a drum set, some lessons from a very patient music teacher, and the "discovery" of rock music, Mike started playing the drums "for real". In the years to follow, Mike spent a couple of decades developing his musical skills playing drums, (and on occasion) handling vocal duties, for a variety of original and cover bands. In many of these bands, he shared the stage and studio with brother John. It was in these formative years that they developed the almost intuitive rhythmic sense they have today.
Currently, in addition to drumming for the Crossroad Saints, Mike plays on and co-produces the Slack Brothers songs, plays drums for the occasional cover band, and looks forward to several upcoming projects.